Valentine’s Day– 6 Different Views

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Happy Couples

As the most visible on this day, some of them celebrate with a simple card, dinner, or hug. Others dive deep into the sea of romantic love and spend on extravagant dinners, gifts or weekend trips. Their relationship is relatively new, or they are fortunate to be compatible enough to remain together. Some really are as content in their relationship as it seems on the surface. Others aren’t and one might sacrifice more than the other to maintain the relationship, but the benefits of staying together outweigh the drawbacks of splitting up.

Treading Water Couples

They know the relationship has bottomed out or is sinking, but still might celebrate reluctantly since all the other couples they know are doing so.

The Unhappily Single

This holiday is painful for those who don’t like being single, especially if they aren’t the glass-is-half-full types. Everywhere they look they see couples in love as they think to themselves, why not me? They might ease their misery by scarfing down a box of chocolates and then drowning themselves in wine and tears. I try to help these types with my perspective of the spiritual side of dating and relationships, but they usually prefer to continue to believe in romantic illusion.

The Single and Indifferent

This group doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day. Some of them call it a silly excuse for businesses to encourage unnecessary spending. They might contemplate for a minute how it would be nice to have a partner to go out to dinner with for the occasion, but they don’t, so whatever. Next.

The Happily Single

People in this group may or may not be open to having a compatible partner. They relish their freedom and, after witnessing and, or experiencing so many relationship horror stories, Valentine’s Day is Independence Day to them. They’ve worked hard to get where they are and they’re not about to ruin it by trying to merge their life with someone who isn’t compatible (and let’s face it, they might say, most couples aren’t compatible enough for a lifetime of happiness and harmony). Sure, they’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day, by buying a gift for themselves or getting together with happily single friends.

The Wise Wizard or Sorceress

They think fondly of lifetimes when they celebrated romantic love with a once-in-many-lifetimes soul mate. That special soul is not with them in this life, and they are used to walking alone now. It’s just as well, they think, since they have much more to accomplish in this dimension before they move on. They never feel lonely though, since all their spirit friends and helpers frequently visit their sanctuary deep in the forest or on the mountain top. Enjoy Valentine’s Day even if you don’t have someone special, they say. If you only knew how loved you are on the other side, and what an incredible opportunity it is to be incarnated, every day would feel like Valentine’s Day with beloved soul mate.

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