The Real Story of Jesus?

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“Hi Stephen, I believe in angels and archangels because of personal experiences. My question is how does Jesus Christ fit into this metaphysical world? Thanks, Alan”

Hi Alan,

Based on my experiences with past life regression, meditation, and other spiritual disciplines over the last 30+ years, I do believe in Jesus, and that he is available to help from the other side when asked. But I also believe his true story has been lost over the millenniums for various reasons.

The description of Jesus in the third paragraph from a near death experience by Wayne rings very true to me.

Note: After reading more than a few NDE accounts on that site, you will notice a lot of similarities, often relayed by people who didn’t believe in an afterlife or who weren’t religious or spiritual before their NDE. Check out their FAQ page that addresses the typical questions by skeptics.

Wayne had a NDE after an accident, and part of his beyond-this-life experience was observing the life of Jesus. Wayne said he learned his real name was something more like Josephus rather than Jesus. He observed that Jesus had normal parents with no God intervention. Because of Jesus’ NDE during a difficult birth, he knew too much about the other side which made his childhood challenging. As Jesus got older he shared his experience, how there is no reason to fear death, what to expect after death, and the importance of awakening to your spiritual self.

Wayne said Jesus, “…drew a small crowd of followers. After a time some of his followers wanted to form a religion and replace the Jewish priests because of the money and power. He cast the power mongers out of his following. Five of them conspired against him. At his trial there were three witnesses against him, all were his followers. He was hanged (not crucified, he was just a petty criminal to the Romans). Being in a hurry the Romans cut him down a little early and his loyal followers carried his body off. He revived having had a second near death experience (his ‘second coming’ so to speak). He lived for a while hiding from his five traitorous former friends (the anti-Christ?) but died after a bit from his injuries.”

Wayne, who was religious before his NDE, said that his NDE caused him to shun religion and become spiritual instead: “I am no longer a Southern Baptist and have very little use for religions.”

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