The “God Hates Divorce” Myth

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Before she married, Patty thought divorce was something only for “mediocre Catholics” who didn’t pray or try hard enough.

Then at age 26 she married and seven months later she realized her husband was a “sex addict” and compulsive liar.

Over the next three years they spent more than $25,000 on therapy trying to save their marriage, since she believed that divorce is a sin and should be avoided at all costs.

Finally, after so much suffering a priest from her seminary told her, “Patty, God hates divorce. But he doesn’t hate divorced people. There is hope, but don’t be stupid; be wise and discerning and live in reality.” Those words were enough to help her let go of a marriage that she felt couldn’t be saved.

I’m happy she overcame her fear about divorce, but does God really “hate divorce?”

Based on my experience with the spiritual side of relationships, including insight gained from past life regression, meditation, and studying NDEs (near death experiences), I believe this is a myth created by religion. God is a forgiving, loving, omnipresent force, not a judgmental or punishing entity.

In fact, based on comprehensive numerology and astrology (not horoscopes, computer generated reports, or other superficial forms), relationship endings can be predicted, which means they are fated. Note: it’s very common for a couple to remain together, secretly as mere roommates, even though they’re not in love with each other any longer.

Another indication relationship endings are a natural part of life, and not a sin or something for which we are judged on the other side, come from NDEs.

Bolette L NDE 5437, a case history from the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) website, realized during her NDE, through her guides, that she and her current husband would eventually divorce since they each had other paths to follow.

However, instead of viewing divorce as a tragedy as most humans on Earth do, they urged her to see it as “a joyful thing for me that it would give me joy and much freedom.” They also told her to forgive her husband and move on, even though he would make it difficult.

Whether or not you chose to consider insight gained through NDEs and past life regression as valid (and if you were to witness the similar patterns and insight from 1000s of them, you likely would), there’s no denying they give a fresh, loving, and helpful perspective.

Certainly, negative words and actions during a relationship ending can cause negative karma, but I’ve found no evidence that the act of divorce by itself does. In fact, all evidence indicates not only that God doesn’t hate divorce or relationships that end, but “he” or “she” favors it when it’s for the highest good of all involved.

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