The Essential Key That Makes or Breaks Every Relationship

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Photo-key-small__4612663237What’s the most essential key that makes or breaks every relationship?

It’s not respect, personality, appearance, finances, health, relatives, or friends, though those things influence relationships too.

Love, of course, is key, but it’s not the most important part.

The answer is chemistry or otherwise known as the energy connection between two people, which is absolutely measurable.

Humans are more than hunks of meat with brains. Every person has different energy and every connection between two people is unique. If your energy isn’t compatible with hers, the relationship is not going to be what you hope for.

Sometimes the chemistry is ideal for a friendship and not much more. Other times a connection between two people is terrible and will only result in misery or worse.

Most connections are not conducive to the together-forever-in-traditional-mariage-harmony ideal that the majority of people seek. Why? Because life is meant to be more about spiritual lessons and learning than romantic bliss, though thankfully you have free will to make the most of every situation.

So how do you know if the connection is good? Try to look beyond your feelings for him, his words, and your love life agenda and pay attention to how you feel around him. Listen to what your friends say about the person. Notice the signs around you. The truth is visible if you pay attention and want to see it.

The chemistry is also influenced by your lifetimes together. Past life regression can shed a lot of light on why you two get along well, or not at all.

You can also get insight about a connection from an astrologer, but make sure they do more than just surface readings and use a comprehensive approach. I’m fortunate that I can give my brother Scott, who uses comprehensive numerology and astrology, the birth data for anyone I meet and he will tell me about the person and the core of the connection, what really matters. His analysis is almost always similar to my intuitive impression of the person.

Select psychics can also give you the insight you seek.

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