The Spiritual Side of the Transgender Issue

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The causes of transsexuality are said to be biological, genetic, or psychological. Rarely is the spiritual side of the issue considered or even mentioned.

Most transgender people will tell you they were born feeling like they don’t fit with their birth gender, similar to how most gay people feel like they were born feeling like they don’t fit with their expected sexual orientation.

I’ve noticed, based on my research with past life regression, when people feel like their inner self doesn’t match their physical body (whether it be due to their gender, skin color, body size, or other factors) it can be because of strong, hidden subconscious memories of living in a different kind of body in past lives.

I’ve observed, through many past life regressions of clients and my own, that most souls currently incarnated have experienced both male and female lifetimes. Sometimes people who feel like they’re in the wrong body now may have lived lives as the other gender much more often. This causes them to feel awkward and uncomfortable living in the body of their birth gender.

From a spiritual perspective, who we really are is not “male” or “female,” but a soul that is both masculine and feminine. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable as their birth gender now, it might offer some comfort to consider that they have been both male and female in past lives, and likely will be in future lives.

Another hidden, spiritual factor that can influence, to varying degrees, gender identity and sexual orientation, is spirit attachment and possession. In extreme cases, entities can take over someone’s body.

It’s a complex issue and sadly, many transgender people feel they are damned if they don’t (continue to ignore or hide how they feel, then experience depression and other consequences), and damned if they do (live life as they feel, then experience a lot of harsh criticism or worse from other people). I wrote more about the problem in this article about Caitlyn Jenner,

Some single, heterosexual, male friends tell me transgender women masquerading as biological women on dating apps is a growing problem. I agree it’s unfair to hide one’s biological gender on dating apps, just like it’s unfair for people to not be upfront about weight, height, children, marital status, or other things on dating apps. But from what I’ve observed, most transgender people are good people doing they best they can, just like everyone else.

You don’t need to conform to a gender role if you don’t want to, and that includes the currently accepted male-to-female or female-to-male transition methods of hormones and surgery. I agree with this woman who says transgenders don’t need to change their gender to be happy. But it’s your body and your choice; how you express yourself is up to you. For those of you who don’t understand why someone would want to change their gender, perhaps the best way to react is this: Live and let live!

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