Spiritual Doesn’t Equal Gullible

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Non-spiritual people, especially atheists, sometimes assume that being spiritual equals gullible or less intelligent. I’ve seen it countless times over the past 30-plus years.

Perhaps they don’t realize that different types of intelligence exist. “Smart” people aren’t always perceptive or spiritually aware.

For example, a 4.0 grade-point student excels at memorization of data and her studies, but is totally disconnected from and unaware of the unseen or spiritual side of life. She can’t comprehend what her peer, someone with a lower grade-point average, can perceive about situations or people (“knowing” things through her intuition and psychic ability). The 4.0 grade-point student might belittle her “not as smart” contemporary since there is no physical proof of such abilities. But if this skill were taught in her school, she would probably accept it as fact. She is happy to be told what to think rather than thinking for herself.

Other non-spiritual people might consider themselves more science minded and like to have studies that back up their beliefs. Unfortunately, modern science is rife with fraud and bias; many scientific studies are corrupted by a political agenda or by corporations that alter the results for higher profits.

Many anti-spiritual people assume belief in spiritual concepts equals faith with no evidence. This might be true in some cases, especially with some religious beliefs. However, compelling evidence exists for many spiritual concepts if you care to look for and consider it.

Some anti-spiritual people think that believing in spiritual concepts is conforming without thinking. This might be true sometimes, but many who shun anything spiritual are doing so without objectively considering the concepts. Who is conforming without thinking?

When I mention my work with past life regression in social or business settings, for example, occasionally unscrupulous, anti-spiritual people will perceive me as incredibly gullible and see it as an invitation to attempt to take advantage of me.

They don’t understand that I’m skeptical by nature and like to take an objective approach before accepting a concept as part of my beliefs. They don’t know about the New Age concepts I’ve rejected after finding little to back them up. They usually don’t care about all the past life regression empirical research I’ve done over many years; they don’t believe in the concept, even though they don’t base their belief on any experience with past life regression or much, if any, research into the possibility of reincarnation.

They also fail to realize experience with metaphysical subjects, like past life regression and meditation, helps to develop intuition and psychic ability. This in turn allows one to feel, and frequently just know, when someone isn’t being honest.

An objective and reasonable approach to metaphysical and spiritual concepts can help you become less gullible and more spiritually aware, self-knowledgeable, and conscious. But don’t tell the anti-spiritual people that, as it’s fun to have an edge over them. 😊

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