Solar Eclipse February 26, 2017

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As Scott wrote in this blog post, a solar eclipse occurs February 26, 2017. It’s exact by degree at 6:58 a.m. PST, 08 degrees 12 minutes Pisces.

As he mentions in this article, solar eclipses can symbolize beginnings, and lunar eclipses endings.

A lunar eclipse transpired February 10, 2017. Lunar eclipses tend to be more difficult than solar eclipses.

As Scott mentioned in the linked article above, astrological phenomena don’t make things happen, they only represent events and the energy behind them.

What will this eclipse mean for you?

Contrary to what horoscopes and other too-general-to-be accurate forms of astrology imply, all astrological events are different for everyone; it depends on how it relates to your comprehensive astrology charts (note the “s” in charts- you need to review multiple, comprehensive astrology charts for an accurate picture). You might not notice much from this eclipse, but for some it could mean major changes.

In general, it’s more difficult to see things clearly during an eclipse. For example, your judgment could be off, such as about new people in your life. Be very cautious with important decisions. Eclipses aren’t an ideal time to sign contracts, establish new and important contacts, or make major purchases or plans.

Alternatively, you might get glimpses of insight that never occurred to you to help solve existing problems.

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