Solar Eclipse Feb. 15, 2018

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A solar eclipse occurs on February 15, 2018. A few weeks before and a few days after an eclipse is a time to be more careful due to perception not being quite 100%, including about friendships and relationships.

As Scott described in this article, solar eclipses usually symbolize beginnings, and lunar eclipses endings. Solar eclipses tend to be less problematic than lunar eclipses.

Keep in mind that an eclipse (or any other astrological aspect) means something different for everyone, depending on how their comprehensive astrology charts relate to the specific eclipse. You may not notice anything from this eclipse, but for a friend it could be symbolic of major changes.

As Scott wrote in the article linked above, eclipses and other astrological events do not make things happen or influence you, they only symbolize life events and the energy behind them.

What will this solar eclipse mean for you? As mentioned above, it depends on the patterns in your comprehensive astrology charts. In general, it’s more difficult to see things clearly, such as the problems with a new idea or acquaintance. You could, however, perceive new insight about an existing person or situation in your life, or they may seem more challenging than usual. Wait it out and things may improve.

This isn’t the time for acting on new major ideas, signing important contracts, or making major purchases. Instead, step back, pause, reflect, and see what happens. You very well could discover new information later that changes your mind.

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