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I am a psychic channel and have the ability to simply “know” and discern truth as it relates to spirituality and people’s lives. I use a brief summary of a situation by email or voice, and a person’s birthday, a picture, or tarot as a trigger for my clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities and often “see” or simply “know” relevant information. I have been doing intuitive readings professionally since 1996.

In addition, my experience as a matchmaker during the 1990s of directly observing the successes and trials of countless singles and couples greatly expanded my awareness about human character and love life realities.

My specialty: I mostly get insight in short and concise flashes. My readings are direct and to the point and I answer specific questions on most topics.

Psychic channeled phone reading:

20 minutes $75  Sorry, I’m not accepting any new phone clients at this time.
Psychic channeled email readings:
BUY NOW $25 1 Question
BUY NOW $45 2 Questions
BUY NOW $65 3 Questions

Examples of client questions
Examples of questions that I don’t answer or that need to be rephrased

Please note:
● You may pay with Paypal or a credit card in the Paypal shopping cart.
After purchasing you must click “return to” to go to the page with information and a questionnaire for your reading.
● Readings are completed within 3-4 business days from when you send me your completed questionnaire. For rush service of 24 hours or less, double the quantity of the reading in the shopping cart. For example, $25 to $50 for 1 question.
● All readings are confidential.
● Questions? Contact me. Sorry, I can no longer answer requests for free readings.

Refund policy: Occasionally I don’t perceive an answer to a question, or I sense that I’m not supposed to do a reading on a particular question for whatever reason. I give a refund in these cases. Otherwise, services are final due to the time spent.

You’re welcome to ask prior to paying if what you’d like to know or your goal is something I can help you with. Please contact me. I’ll tell you if I can help you and then, if you decide to move forward, we’ll begin the process.

Accuracy: My accuracy rate is about 85%, which is about the same as that of most experienced psychics. No reader, even the most well known psychics, knows everything or is accurate 100% of the time. Also, the connection with the client does make a difference and strong skepticism can interfere with a reading.

Are readings set in stone? Fate vs. Free Will: The long-term, objective approach to my work has shown me that at least 75% of the main circumstances and events in everyone’s lives seem to be predestined. Relationships, break-ups, money, status, recognition, adversity, or lack thereof and more: most of the major happenings in your life are fated.

Before you worry about “bad” future events in your life, understand that you also have free will to react to fate and make the most of your destiny, especially when you are prepared.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, licensed therapist or doctor. My readings are not meant be a substitute for the help of a doctor, lawyer, or mental health professional. You have free will to make the most of your situation. I offer insight to help, but ultimately you are responsible for your own decisions and actions. By purchasing a service from me, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehend and agree with this disclaimer.

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Important Questions to Ask a Psychic

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