Reincarnation Skeptics: Fear of Personal Accountability?

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Pic-Skeptic-small_4430955574I’m not the kind of person who believes everything I read and hear, and I usually look beyond the surface for the deeper reason behind things. This is the approach I’ve always taken with past life regression.

No, you can’t prove reincarnation with physical evidence, but if you try past life regression with an experienced practitioner, and you follow the directions with an open mind and allow the process to work, there’s no denying that it’s more than “just your imagination.”

It’s natural to be undecided about reincarnation. However, the hard-core reincarnation skeptics have no interest in being regressed. They are convinced, usually based on no or limited experience with past life regression, that they’re right and anyone who believes in reincarnation is gullible or lacks intelligence.

This baffles me. A much more intelligent (and credible) approach is to experience something directly before pretending to be an authority about it and judging it so harshly. The skeptics of reincarnation don’t seem to understand that they are not yet in a position to know what they’re talking about.

Why are some people so critical of past life regression?

I suspect that, deep down, some people who mock reincarnation and past life regression are terrified of taking responsibility for all their actions. They don’t like the idea of karma, which is directly related to reincarnation. They don’t want to have to pay back what they’ve said and done. They want a free pass, and they certainly don’t want to face the potential that all their circumstances now, in this life, are a direct consequence of their actions in the past–it’s impossible to play the victim if you embrace reincarnation. Or they don’t understand that karma is not about punishment.

The typical reincarnation skeptic says, “Reincarnation can’t be true because people always describe being a famous figure in a past life, never an unflattering lifetime.”

This may be true for people speculating about possible past lives, but it’s not true for the results of past life regression. If you conduct and experience as many past life regressions as I have, you’ll find that very few people see themselves as a famous historical figure in a past life. Most percieved lifetimes are actually of everyday people, or even quite humbling existences.

Then there’s this argument: “The Earth’s population has never been higher. How do you explain the increasing number of incarnating souls?”

My findings indicate that souls do not always continuously incarnate, and there are billions of stars like our sun throughout the universe with billions of possible planets where souls could incarnate. 

They also say, “There’s no scientific proof of reincarnation.”

Ironically, the amount of fraud and bias in modern science is amazing, eclipsed only by how incredible it is that so many people blindly embrace all modern science while simultaneously mocking reincarnation, astrology, etc.:

If you’re interested in some scientific studies of reincarnation, they do exist. I recommend starting with the works of the grandfather of reincarnation research, Ian Stevenson, M.D.

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