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These spiritual products include our favorite and most effective methods and philosophies. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Direct Your Destiny e-package: This is our complete e-package of vital, yet sensible and practical spiritual guidance and tools. It includes a wealth of information (the equivalent of over 230 standard 8 ½ x 11 sized pages), step-by-step instructions, and over $180 worth of MP3s and other products.

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Your Love Life and Reincarnation is my first book, which is about how your past lives influence your present love life. It’s available in ebook form or paperback from

Let Go™ MP3: Many people have told me that they have trouble meditating or don’t have time to do it regularly. Let Go™ is my answer to that problem. Rather than distracting instrumentals, this MP3 contains subtle and relaxing tones and binaural beat technology that rapidly eases your mind into an automatic meditative state. I love to play it in the background at the end of a stressful day and feel my body and mind letting go of the tension. Meditate like a mystic, relax, and sleep better with this special MP3.

Spiritual Detox™ MP3: What’s blocking you? I’ve been spiritually clearing locations, myself and others for years and have created this special audio recording so you can clear and protect yourself, your home, your office, and your loved ones whenever you feel the need. Clear negative energies after a relationship ends. Get rid of unwanted spirits, entities, and elementals. Protect yourself and loved ones from harmful influences. Allow more positive energy into your space. Experience more tranquility, freedom, lightness of spirit, and happiness. If you’re feeling stressed, depressed, angry, fearful, or having a tough time quitting bad habits and addictions, Spiritual Detox™ can help.

Soundless Subliminal MP3s use subliminal technology to give you the extra push you need to reach just about any goal. I usually have one of the 30 titles playing in the background every day as I work.

Hypnosis MP3s: Past life regression MP3s, future life progression MP3s, Love Potion MP3s, and the Incredible Sex Hypno-Reiki MP3. Like all my MP3s, they have the most effective, safe and advanced techniques.

Numerology Decoder Software: My brother Scott, who is an expert in comprehensive numerology, created this software that will allow you to benefit from his many years of study. Find out more about yourself and others, personality and future timing.

Graphology (Handwriting Analysis) Resource Keys and Graphology Trait-Based Guide: Scott’s also a certified graphologist and created these tools so you can find out more about yourself, friends, family, potential employees or dates, babysitters, or anyone else, just by reviewing their handwriting.

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