One of The Most Important Things I learned as a Matchmaker

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Pic-RomanticIllusion-small_5839073683Everyone is conditioned to want specific love life results, usually those that are depicted in movies and fairy-tales.

Unfortunately, these romantic fantasies, such as mutually satisfying, life-long monogamy, are not reality for most people.

Creating the perfect love life is not like baking a cake. Even if you have the best ingredients and follow the directions, there’s still something else, beyond your immediate control, that will determine the outcome: your personal fate and karma.

One of the most important things I learned as a matchmaker, and that I am reminded of frequently as an intuitive consultant, is that each relationship or even date is unique and for different purposes. You can try to mold them to what you want, but this will only work if your goal is in-line with your fate and karma.

It’s fine to have love life goals, such as wanting to get married by a certain age, but if you don’t set aside your agenda and let each connection unfold naturally, you’ll be blind to incompatibilities, the deeper reason for the interaction, and if there is even a strong enough connection to make the relationship last. There’s also a serious risk of, ultimately, being very unhappy.

I realize that many people don’t like when I say that most relationships are not meant to be life-long, or even harmonious, but wouldn’t you rather acknowledge or at least consider this now so you avoid the stress and heartache of potentially trying to force something that isn’t meant to be?

The good news is that you have the opportunity every day to create future, good karma for your love life and other areas of life. You can be demanding, selfish, conditional, secretive, deceptive, dishonest, greedy, unforgiving, or intolerant, or, you can choose to rise above your fears and act out of love as often as possible.

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