No Evidence Gay is a Sin

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Some people claim the Bible contains evidence that being gay is a sin.

Everyone is free to interpret the Bible as they wish and have their own beliefs. But let’s remember it was written by humans, who had their own agendas, biases and beliefs formed by the cultural norms of those time periods. The “word of God” can be misinterpreted, even by priests and scribes.

Alternatively, some people believe they’ve experienced God directly, in-person, through a near death experience (NDE), and that homosexuality is not considered a sin on the “other side.”

The Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) is the largest NDE website in the world with over 4000 experiences in over 23 Languages.

William Si NDE 541/2043, a case history from the site, experienced clinical death after a surgery related heart attack. During his NDE he encountered four old friends who were all killed in a car wreck when hit by a drunk driver. The drunk driver was also there; his friends had forgiven him and, “All five of them knew and agreed that their missions on this earth ended on that particular night.”

William also mentioned that according to his religion, his four friends shouldn’t have been in heaven because they were gay. But there they were without shame or guilt. William said it was clear on the other side that society and his religion had the problem, not his friends who were good people.

Also, after reviewing, witnessing, and experiencing 1000s of past life regressions, I’ve never found any evidence that anyone has ever created negative karma or been judged on the other side for being gay, bi, or lesbian.

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