Lunar Eclipse Jan. 31, 2018

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A lunar eclipse occurs Jan. 31, 2018. A few weeks before and a few days after the lunar eclipse is a time to be cautious due to a greater likelihood of distorted perception and unstable emotions, as Scott explains in this article about eclipses.

Relationships and friendships can also be symbolically influenced during this time. For example, new people you meet may seem wonderful, but then after the lunar eclipse the fog clears and you begin to see problems you hadn’t noticed before.

People in a relationship may experience some turbulence as disputes can be blown out of proportion. Try to pause and relax before reacting to perceived slights. Diplomacy skills will be helpful during this time.

During a lunar eclipse period you are better off not rushing into major decisions or important new projects. Instead, step back, observe the intermittent craziness around you, and be grateful you aren’t reacting negatively to it.

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