Love Life Analysis & Makeover

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Love Life Analysis & Makeover

An evaluation of your love life and suggestions from a
psychic channel and former matchmaker, with a metaphysical perspective

I’m not a marriage counselor or therapist. Instead, I help people gain a deeper understanding of their love life situations from a different perspective by using my experience as a matchmaker, spiritual consultant, and psychic channel.

I’ll help you look beyond the surface, beyond love life illusion, so you can realize what isn’t working, make the most of your love life and self, and capitalize on your fate.

I can help you if you’re ready to get off the romance rat wheel of disappointment, want to be ready for a great relationship, or make your current relationship even better.

Your Love Life Analysis and Makeover includes the following:

1) A detailed, confidential questionnaire by email.
2) An intuitive analyses of your answers by email to discover potential blocks, conflicts, faulty assumptions and, or expectations that are keeping you from experiencing a better love life. (One or more paragraphs.)
3) Personalized love life advice and tips by email based on my matchmaking and love life makeover experience. (One or more paragraphs.)
4) Any past lives (or past life symbolism if you prefer) that are affecting your current love life, including possible karma relating to a situation or person, and what to do about it. (One or more paragraphs.)
5) A psychic look into the future of your love life for the next 12 months and the best windows of opportunity to meet compatible people or transform and enhance your current relationship. (One or more paragraphs.)
6) A personalized, written meditation to help you invite and receive help from your Higher Self, guides of the Light, and, or your God for spiritual protection, guidance and insight about any problem, and to clear negative energy and make the most of yourself. (One or more paragraphs)
7) A personalized, written affirmation of gratitude for you to repeat often and express thanks for where you are (necessary for getting unstuck), what you have, and the good that will be. (One or more paragraphs)
8) A psychic matchmaker screening of 1-2 potential or current matches to determine how ideal he or she is for you as very compatible, acceptable, borderline, or unsuitable. (One or more paragraphs.)  
9) An online personal ad profile assessment and suggestions for your on-line profile or approach to improve your appeal, attract what you want and avoid what you don’t. (One or more paragraphs.)
10) Questions to identify possible disincarnate entities or energy blocks that are interfering with your love life or life in general, and if so, what to do about them.
11) My Holistic Health and Makeover Tips & Myths. Look and feel 10 years younger with eight 8.5’ x 11” pages of cutting edge information, tips, and resources derived from empirical research, trial and error, and many helpful experts. 
12) My Incredible S.e.x. Hypno-Reiki Meditation MP3. Enhance and bring out your inner passion naturally with my special hypnotic MP3. If there is room for improvement in your sex life, or you’d simply like to turn up the volume, you could try pills, herbs, or exercises. But one of the most successful methods is often overlooked: Hypnosis. Hypnosis is effective for improving and enhancing many things, including your sex life.
13) Utilize the power of your subconscious mind with my powerful hypnosis or subliminal self-improvement MP3s. I recommend selections based on your questionnaire answers, you choose two MP3s from over 35 selections. Enhance your strengths or minimize your challenges to be more marketable and ready for a well-suited match, or increase harmony within your current relationship. Some of the MP3s options include the following: energize and enhance your love life or passion; remain strong and avoid addictions (alcohol, drugs, food, or tobacco); boost your confidence, compassion, sense of humor, or career; get into shape and stay in-shape; improve your appearance and be sexier; forgive and let go; get motivated and increase self-discipline; de-stress and relax naturally with no side effects; deal with a difficult person; remove negative energy or entities that are interfering with your life; easy and fast meditation and learn to perceive psychic insight about yourself and others; many more.

$595 Love Life Analysis and Makeover

$295 Abbreviated Love Life Analysis and Makeover
Choose two of the categories from numbers 4-9 above. Includes numbers 1-3 and 10-13 above.

Please note:
● You may pay with Paypal or a credit card in the Paypal shopping cart.
After purchasing you must click “return to” to go to the page with information and a questionnaire for your analysis.
● Analyses are completed within 3-4 business days from when you send me your completed questionnaire.
● All readings are confidential.
● Due to time spent preparing for each service, all sales are final.
● Questions? Contact me. Sorry, I can no longer answer requests for free readings.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, licensed therapist or doctor. My services are not meant be a substitute for the help of a doctor, lawyer, or mental health professional. You have free will to make the most of your situation. I offer insight to help, but ultimately you are responsible for your own decisions and actions. By purchasing a service from me, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehend and agree with this disclaimer.

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