Forgiving the Spiritually Handicapped

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Have you ever vowed to never forgive someone because they hurt you or a loved one so badly? Even if you want to forgive, sometimes it’s not easy due to the pain. But looking at the situation from the following perspective will help tremendously. 


Deborah 7961, a case history from NDERF (a site about near death experiences), hated her family for cutting her brother out of their lives because he had AIDS. After his death, she had a vision of him at her bedside with a message. He explained to her that their family members weren’t capable of acting any differently when he was sick. He showed her a statue with no arms and said, “You wouldn’t expect a person without arms to play the piano or to catch a ball.” He said it’s the same concept with their family and how they behaved


He also told her she would poison her life if she carried the hatred towards their family in her heart. 


You wouldn’t get mad at someone who is mentally or physically handicapped for not being able to do certain things. Likewise, perceiving a negative person or someone who hurt you as spiritually handicapped is imperative and will do two things: allow you to react to them like a wise sage instead of in a way that creates negative karma for you, and prevent you from wasting your energy or creating a spiritually harmful game of negative energy ping-pong.

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