Do You Need Religion to Access God?

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Pic-God-small_2454183356Hi Stephen,

Do you have to be Christian or believe in God for your Spiritual Detox MP3 to work since you mention God and Jesus on it? I had a bad experience with religion and struggle with whether or not God really exists. Thanks, John

Hi John,

You don’t need to be Christian or even believe in God for my Spiritual Detox MP3 to be effective for you. I mention God and Jesus on the MP3 because I believe, based on my experience with Spiritual Detox (my version of spirit releasement or depossession), that if you ask these and other benevolent energies of the Light for help, you will receive what you need and you don’t need to be religious to qualify.

Based on my past life regression and life after death research, it’s my opinion that no religion has a monopoly on God or Jesus, and that God is an all loving and accepting higher power that anyone can access.

If you experience the death process through past life regression and read enough NDE (near death experience) accounts (or have one of your own), you will find that they are relatively similar; people generally see what they expect to see initially, such as exalted figures from their religion if they are religious, or loved ones who had crossed over before them. Then, if they go far enough through the process, they find that God is not judgmental, not exclusive to any one religion, and an energy and love that is part of all of us. Here are some NDE accounts:

Tell everyone that they don’t need a religion to be enlightened, spiritual people. So many people, disillusioned with their church or religion, reject God in the process. God is bigger than any of the religions, with all their pomp and righteousness. Cut out the middleman, God will hear you.” From the NDE account of Brian (

By the way, my statements are not meant to disparage religion, which can be a wonderful way to access and receive help from God.

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