Caution: December Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury is retrograde December 2nd, 2017 until December 22nd, 2017. As Scott wrote in this blog post, Mercury appears to go retrograde about every three months, and can be symbolic of revisiting the past, delays, and transportation and communication problems.

Mercury retrograde can also represent distorted perception of romantic interests and lead to love life problems. Be extra careful with new contacts or communicating with a partner.

Friends and lovers from the past may enter your life again. Avoid the same mistakes and remember why you parted ways if the situation was challenging.

The good news is that Mercury retrograde is a good time to repair, restore, reexamine, release, and redo. Be careful of the “re” words like relapsing or rebounding too soon.

As Scott noted, problems can be greater three to four weeks before Mercury goes retrograde. You don’t need to put life on hold, but do be keep in mind that perception and new ideas will be better about two weeks after Mercury goes direct.

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