Caution: December Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury is retrograde December 2nd, 2017 until December 22nd, 2017. As Scott wrote in this blog post, Mercury appears to go retrograde about every three months, and can be symbolic of revisiting the past, delays, and transportation and communication problems. Mercury retrograde can also represent

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The “God Hates Divorce” Myth

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Before she married, Patty thought divorce was something only for “mediocre Catholics” who didn’t pray or try hard enough. Then at age 26 she married and seven months later she realized her husband was a “sex addict” and compulsive liar. Over the next three years they spent

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A Key Element to Forgiveness

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What should you do if you can’t seem to forgive someone? Dr. Mary Neal is a spine surgeon who had a NDE (near death experience) after drowning while kayaking. Her fascinating account is similar to that of many others who’ve had the life transformative experience of

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No Evidence Gay is a Sin

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Some people claim the Bible contains evidence that being gay is a sin. Everyone is free to interpret the Bible as they wish and have their own beliefs. But let’s remember it was written by humans, who had their own

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Forgiving the Spiritually Handicapped

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Have you ever vowed to never forgive someone because they hurt you or a loved one so badly? Even if you want to forgive, sometimes it’s not easy due to the pain. But looking at the situation from the following perspective will help

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Beware of the Aug. 21st Solar Eclipse and Your Love Life

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Solar eclipses can symbolism beginnings, as Scott described in this article. All astrological events, including eclipses, mean different things for different people, depending upon how they relate to a person’s comprehensive astrology charts. For some, this solar eclipse could mean major changes.

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August 12th Mercury Retrograde and Your Love Life

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Mercury goes retrograde August 12, 2017 until Sept. 5th, 2017. As Scott described in this blog post, Mercury turns retrograde about every three months, and can be symbolic of delays, conflicts with transportation and communication, and revisiting the past. Mercury retrograde can also

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Beware of the Aug. 7th Lunar Eclipse and Your Love Life

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Lunar eclipses can represent distorted perception and unstable emotions, as Scott outlined in this article. Your love life can also be affected and the red-flag timing period lasts about a few weeks before to a few days after a lunar eclipse. For example,

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Interracial Marriage– a Spiritual Perspective

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17% of all U.S. couples wed in 2015 were of different races, compared to only 3% in 1967, according to a recent study. Interracial marriage was legalized in 1967 after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the Loving v. Virginia case. Acceptance

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Spiritual Doesn’t Equal Gullible

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Non-spiritual people, especially atheists, sometimes assume that being spiritual equals gullible or less intelligent. I’ve seen it countless times over the past 30-plus years. Perhaps they don’t realize that different types of intelligence exist. “Smart” people aren’t always perceptive or spiritually aware. For

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