Beware of the Aug. 21st Solar Eclipse and Your Love Life

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Solar eclipses can symbolism beginnings, as Scott described in this article.

All astrological events, including eclipses, mean different things for different people, depending upon how they relate to a person’s comprehensive astrology charts. For some, this solar eclipse could mean major changes. Others won’t notice much.

Solar eclipses are usually less difficult than lunar eclipses, but as Scott mentioned in the linked article above, astrological events don’t make things happen; they’re only symbolic of occurrences.

In general, your perception and judgment is altered during an eclipse. Don’t make any rash decisions, especially about your love life or new contacts. Also, if you happen to be mired in confusion, wait it out. The haze will likely clear after the solar eclipse period, or at least you’ll have more certainty about your situation.

Also wait to make, or at least be very careful with, any major purchases or plans.

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