Beware of the Aug. 7th Lunar Eclipse and Your Love Life

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Lunar eclipses can represent distorted perception and unstable emotions, as Scott outlined in this article.

Your love life can also be affected and the red-flag timing period lasts about a few weeks before to a few days after a lunar eclipse.

For example, the people you meet during this time for friendship or dating may seem one way, but then later, after the lunar eclipse is over, the haze clears and you see them a different way. Your opinion and feelings may change later.

For couples, their relationship can seem more compatible (if it’s not). Or, insignificant conflicts can be blown out of proportion and it’s easy to overlook the positive parts of the relationship.

Try not to overreact. Extra forgiveness and diplomacy during this time can go a long way.

You don’t need to put your life on hold during a lunar Eclipse, but it’s best not to rush into any major decisions.  Relax and reflect instead of reacting to craziness.

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