A Key Element to Forgiveness

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What should you do if you can’t seem to forgive someone?

Dr. Mary Neal is a spine surgeon who had a NDE (near death experience) after drowning while kayaking. Her fascinating account is similar to that of many others who’ve had the life transformative experience of dying and coming back to life.

One of the lessons she learned during her life review on the other side is about forgiveness. Many people have trouble forgiving someone who hurt them, even though they realize forgiveness is important for spiritual growth. Mary said she learned when you truly understand someone, forgiveness comes easily.

I’ve found the same with past life regression; once you go back to the root cause of why someone acted the way they did, and you understand the entire hidden backstory (including your past life actions), forgiving yourself and others involved is far easier.

Side note: I’ve not yet read Dr. Neal’s book but she seems sincere and her account of the other side, from what I’ve read on her website so far, is very much in line with the 100s of other NDEs I’ve read about and the 1000s of past life regressions I’ve experienced and read about. Some readers gave her bad reviews on Amazon because she uses a lot of religious terminology, or because her experience of the other side doesn’t match what their religion dictates they are supposed to believe. Interestingly, Mary claims she was an atheist before her NDE, and many other non-religious people who had NDEs have also encountered a being they perceived as Jesus on the other side.

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